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10 ESC rumours and truths
« on: July 08, 2007, 08:11:39 PM »
There have been many songs and artists rumoured (or confirmed) to have been selected to go to ESC.  Here are some of the stories associated with them.  I cannot vouch for the truth in any of these stories unless the proof is stated in the story.  Here are 10 rumours and truths  :D

1) The rumour - The United Kingdom chose 2 songs for the inaugral ESC in 1956.

The Truth - According to OGAE (UK) 2 songs were indeed selected for the contest, however the final of the National Selection was held AFTER the ESC itself  - the 2 songs chosen were
(1) Denis Lotis & the Keynotes - Ev'rybody falls in love with someone
(2) Shirley Abicair - Little ship
The first song was later recorded by Matt Monro and was his first UK release.

2) The rumour - Jacqueline Boyer was not the original singer of France's 1960 entry

The Truth - Marcel Amont was the original choice of singer but it was felt by the French that the song suited a woman better and Jacqueline was chosen instead.  The decision proved correct.

3) The Rumour - Sweden sacked a singer for laughing during the NF in 1961

The Truth - It's 100% true.  Siw Malmqvist won the NF with the song April, April but during the reprise of the song she had a giggling fit and forgot her lines.  She was replaced by Lil Babs

4) The Rumour - Massiel was not the original choice to sing "La La La"

The Truth - Joan Manuel Serrat was the original Spanish choice in 1968.  However he insisted on singing the song in Catalan which upset Spanish leader Franco.  He was hastily and rather successfully replaced.

5) The Rumour - The winner of the 1968 Norwegian NF was disqualified for plagiarism

The Truth - It was never actually disqualified.  The composer withdrew the entry because it was claimed to sound like "Summer Holiday".  The song "Jag har aldri vært sÃ¥ glad i no'en som deg" by Odd Børre was replaced by the bizarrely titled "Stress"

6) The Rumour - Belgium replaced their singers at the last minute in 1971

The Truth - Nicole & Hugo were the original choices but Nicole fell ill a couple of days before the contest to be replaced by Jacques Raymond and Lily Castell.  Nicole & Hugo did go to ESC 2 years later and finished last.

7) The Rumour - Liechtenstein were going to take part in the 1976 contest

The Truth - They applied to take part in 1976 but as they had no TV station they were inelligable.  The song had apparently been chosen as Biggi Bachman - Little cowboy, but no known copy seems to exist of this song so this part remains rumour.

8 ) The Rumour - Greece withdrew from the 1982 contest because there were no decent songs in the NF

The Truth - Although a song was selected ERT decided that none of the songs were suitable and withdrew from the contest.  The song chosen was Themis Adamantidis - Sarantapente kopelles

9) The Rumour - The winner of the 1990 Austrian NF fell over during their performance and was then disqualified

The Truth - Well it's true.  The group was Duett and the song was called Das Beste.  During the performance one of the performers fainted.  They were allowed to sing again and won the televote by a huge margin.  However it was later revealed that the group had participated in the German NF in 1988 with the same song  so were disqualified leaving the way for Simone to go to Zagreb.

10) The Rumour - The 1992 winner of the Swiss NF was disqualified for being translated

The Truth - The winner of the Swiss NF in 1992 was Soleil, Soleil by Geraldine Olivier.  It won the NF ahead of Daisy Auvray as the German-Swiss entry.  However it was later revealed that it was originally entered in the French-Swiss heats but was not shortlisted.  The song was translated and sent into the German-Swiss heat where it progressed.  The song was disqualified and Daisy went to Malmö instead.

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Re: 10 ESC rumours and truths
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2009, 12:09:42 AM »
I love how The UK held their first NF after the ESC took place. Did they not realise as Lys Assia was singing her victorious encore weeks earlier that they may have lost their chance of being able to compete against her in that very contest?

EDIT: Just looking through some other threads, it looks like Russia did a similar thing in 1998 (picking a song when they hadn't qualified)... now I know the ESC is probably not at the top of many broadcaster's agendas, but perhaps the person in charge of picking the song would have done a bit of research to check that they could actually enter :D


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Re: 10 ESC rumours and truths
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2009, 09:21:28 PM »
tom pilibi could have been, before Lux 61 victory, the first gay esc song! but it was so cuuuuuute with Jacqueline