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ESC 2012 fan meeting - Holon, Israel 10.5.12
« on: May 11, 2012, 12:44:55 PM »

Last evening, Thursday, 10/5, i've been at ESC fan meeting, attended by 10 people + video camera man (i've asked some pics, which i suppose to get later this weekend, so you'll all see it was real LOL :biggrin:)
just for the record, 3 out of the 10, didn't know the ESC 2012 songs before or not considered to be ESC followers, that way, the voting becomes "more neutral".
we've watched all the 42 videos, and during every song, everyone voted it from 1 pt to 10 pts, which means of course 1 pt for least liked, and 10 pts for most liked.

after each of the semis (which being watched by the draw order), a calculation was made to determine which are our qualifiers. however i'll give here the full official results of all the 42 songs, so remember the scores can be from 10 to 100, so here we  go:

42. Belarus 21
40. Norway, Slovakia 23
39. Malta 30
38. San Marino 32
37. Cyprus 33
36. Austria 35
35. Georgia 40
34. Lithuania 41
33. Croatia 42
31. Ukraine, Bulgaria 43
30. Ireland 44
29. Romania 46
28. Montenegro 48
27. Greece 49
26. Germany 53
25. Belgium 56
23. Albania, Switzerland 61
22. Portugal 65
18. Spain, Netherlands, Estonia, Slovenia 66
16. Italy, Moldova 68
13. Sweden, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland 72
09. France, Turkey, Macedonia, Denmark 73
08. Hungary 75
06. Latvia, Israel 76
05. Serbia 77
04. Azerbaijan 80
03. Russia 82
02. Iceland 90

Therefore, our winner is:

United Kingdom, with 96 points out of possible 100 points!

based on these results, the qualifiers from each semi would be:

From SF1: Iceland, Russia, Latvia, Israel, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Moldova, Albania, Switzerland.
From SF2: Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Sweden, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Netherlands, Estonia, Slovenia, Portugal, Ukraine.

During the counting of votes, some funny thing happened, as Belgium was declared qualifier, while Latvia points were forgotten :laugh: this was later corrected. i will also add that Georgia received very good reception from those ppl who didn't hear the ESC songs before, so i was personally surprised it didn't do better. i wonder if that gives some clue that we might have dark horse at Eurovision!

And finally, my personal voting was:

1 pt - Albania, Romania, San Marino, Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Belarus
2 pts - Russia, Ireland, Lithuania
3 pts - Greece, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, France
4 pts - Moldova, Malta
5 pts - Denmark, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany
6 pts - Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain
7 pts - Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Georgia, Slovakia
8 pts - Latvia, Finland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy
9 pts - Israel, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina
10 pts - Hungary, Montenegro, Macedonia, Sweden


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Re: ESC 2012 fan meeting - Holon, Israel 10.5.12
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2012, 02:42:38 PM »
What a great thing you have had there in Tel-Aviv! :goodjob:  Thank you very much for telling us that all, Danijel!  :) The winner is great, absolutely great!  :heart: UK and Macedonia are on my shared first place, because I can't decide which one is better.  ;D I have always said that Israeli people have very good taste and this is only confirming my opinion on it.  ;)

I am looking foreward for the pictures! :cheer:

Åland forever!

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Re: ESC 2012 fan meeting - Holon, Israel 10.5.12
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2012, 03:34:00 PM »
Well i must add also that the usual schlager fans were in a minority, which might explain the extremely low result of Norway.
on the other hand based on this evening, i think Belgium and Georgia really have good chances to qualify, and both are growers here.
I don't know how Sweden was left out of the top 10, it didn't get low votes, but apparently not enough high votes. i still think Sweden is the winner of ESC 2012.
As the ppl were a bit "mixed", i guess it is reflecting in the results, and i really understand the good results of Hungary, Latvia and Turkey, but also i find Nehterlands, Portugal and Azerbaijan being super overrated imo, and one thing i really don't understand is Russia high placing...everyone gave it high, while i gave 2. beside the fact that the grannies are cute, i didn't find anything about the song, and i even find it weird that ppl prefer it over Austria even :o speaking of Austria, someone called them "Ass men" :rofl: