Author Topic: Eurovision's Greatest Hits concert  (Read 3339 times)

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Eurovision's Greatest Hits concert
« on: April 11, 2015, 03:50:39 PM »
If there's already a thread for this - I can't find it !  :no: :shrug:

Was it shown in your country ?
Did you watch ? What did you think ?!
Were you there ??  :ohmy:

Random thoughts ...

Petra was fab.
Petras red dress was also fab.

Herreys - I'm not mad about the song (title), but they always look like they really enjoy performing it, and I always smile when they do.

Natasha St Pier looks younger now, and still sounds great. Her dress was like a parachute, but was a lovely bright pink. As was her lipstick.

Conchita - stunning frock, and just has the wow factor every time. When she did a bit of Waterloo with Dana Int, I couldn't hear Dana Int at all as her voice is weak next to Conchita.

Dana Int always was a bit dodgy with live vocals but on Diva she was better than I'd expected. I never noticed before, just how long her legs are. They appear to be about 12ft.

Johnny Logan - I can't bear him, but he can still sing.....until he ends the song by doing some odd showing off notes that make everyone cringe.

Rosa Lopez - she was good, but for me an odd choice to be taking part ahead of singers who had reached higher than 7th.  I would've liked Anabel Conde.

Emmelie DeForrest - pleasant enough. Where was the cute tin whistle guy ?!

Olsen Brothers - lovely. The lead singer is still quite the silver fox.

Bobbysocks - such fun ! Elisabeth/Bettan (?) still in fine voice, the other one not so much.

Nicole - she can still sing alright, but the strength isn't there anymore, or at least it wasn't there on the night. The ''sing with meeeeee'' was a bit of a struggle.

Dima Bilan - I find him quite smug and quite the show off. I like Never It Let it Go, but not Believe. He seemed to try too hard and overcooked it.

Loreen - I enjoyed the song, once I got over the ugly nose ring. At first I thought it was a pool of snot, gathered on her top lip. And what was with the wet hair hair look ?

Anne Marie David - absolutely wonderful. I could happily have watched her sing a dozen songs ! She's still got it !!

Graham Norton - I just can't stand him, and would rather Petra hosted alone.

Petras second dress was horrid.

Brotherhood of Mann miming - well it certainly looked like it to me.

Lordi - well, it's my most hated winner, and I used this opportunity to go make a cup of  of tea. Which would you rather have - yours ears assaulted or a nice cup of tea ?

I could've done without Riverdance. It's not the same with half the dancers on a stage half the size, and without the snazzy camera angles. And it seems so long. I'd rather we had another two or three singers instead of the dancing.

So a couple of grumbles, but for the most part... I loved it !  :biggrin:


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Re: Eurovision's Greatest Hits concert
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2015, 08:08:46 PM »
I have a feeling that this, or something similar to it, has either been shown or will be shown over here.  If so, I hope that I haven't missed it.  I will have to investigate :).  I'm not sure that the line-up was the best of those who they could have selected from.  I guess much would have come down to who was available.

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Re: Eurovision's Greatest Hits concert
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2015, 12:59:54 PM »
It was shown in Israel in Saturday of last week (i think), but i didn't watch as of yet, nor in the internet as well...