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Before heading to the UK preview party, Romanian representative at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Nico was kind enough to answer some questions exclusively for

When did you decide to pursue a career in music and what does your career mean to you at this moment?

Ever since I was a child I played with the vocals of many melodies that were in fashion at that period of time (the 80's).... of course it was all just for fun at the beginning
On the advice of my father, a passionate music fan, I began to take this art seriously and I studied Canto classes for 3 years at the Popular Art Music School in my hometown, Ploiesti. Over time I have evolved, I have been able to gain valuable experience and, with a lot of work and God's help, I have managed to reach a high level of performance skills, enough to convince me that it was about time to try a professional music career.
It wasn't easy to get noticed on the Romanian music scene which is why my acknowledgement didn't come until the age of 30.
At this moment my music career has a high meaning for me and despite the fact that I have accomplished a lot in my career, I will never stop perfecting myself in order to reach an even higher level.

Does music have age ?

In my opinion music does not have age and it never has. Of course most of the music listeners are young but there are plenty of them who aren't in their first youth and keep enjoying the beauty of the music.

Are there any people that helped your career, people to whom you are grateful ?

Of course, there are people that supported me morally and financially, especially at the beginning but I would like to mention, first of all, my father who was my number one fan.
Also I would like to thank my canto teachers whom I've studied with and to all those people that have been close to me on my way to being acknowledged.

Which artists do you appreciate in the Romanian musical environment ?

There are so many artists that I appreciate in Romanian music, from the old and new generations. I don't want to name them in case I forget someone.

What can you tell us about the projects you are involved in at the moment (besides Eurovision) ?

I've already started working on a new album (the 4th). I changed my record company soon after the National Selection for Eurovision 2008, for the moment I have a contract with the record company "Cat Music - Media Services"

Fans are always curious to find out what is it that makes an artist with a solid career to remain faithful to a certain phenomenon, in this case Eurovision.
What is it that motivated you to compete in the National Selection for Eurovision Song Contest year after year ?

I am a fighter, I like competition generally speaking and I participated in many national and international festivals, where I achieved good results every time.
Regarding Eurovision, I am a fan of this phenomenon and I am sure that it is a somewhat different contest to all the other contests I competed in, a contest with lots of fans, which has created some big names in international music.

From all the songs you competed with (in the past years) at the National Selection for Eurovision which one is your favourite ?

I still remember with pleasure the song that I competed with at Selectia Nationala in 2003, entitled "The Only One", which was released on my first album as well. I do hope to make an updated version of this song soon.

Would it be possible in the near future to find all the songs that you have submitted throughout the years at the Selectia Nationala ... on the same album?

I cannot give a certain answer at this moment, not yet, but it is possible. It doesn't only depend on me.

Which one is your favorite song from the songs that represented Romania at Eurovision between 1994 and 2007 ?

"Dincolo de nori" even if it didn't reach a top level placing and of course "Tornero" performed by Mihai Traistariu.

Considering that you will represent Romania at Eurovision this year, do you see this contest as a phase of your career that you managed to reach but it's about to come to an end now?

I've reached this phase - but it's not over yet. It is possible that in the near future I'll comeback in this contest. It depends tremendously on the result that we are going to achieve in Belgrade.

In your future projects are there going to be any collaborations with Mihai Traistariu, Akcent, Vlad Mirita or any other artists that competed in the National Selections for Eurovision ?

More than likely I will have collaborations with those you mentioned, maybe with other artists as well.

Would you ever represent another country at Eurovision if you had the chance to ?

I would like to represent another country (at esc) it all depends on whether or not you are asked to do it. Certainly, if I had the chance I would do it.

Which other Eurovision artists would you most like to work with?

It's hard to name someone in particular. They are all valuable artists and honestly, I didn't think of it yet.

What songs do you like from this year's Eurovision edition ?

Besides our entry I can say that there are many songs I personally like but I would specially mention the entries of Israel, Russia, Serbia, Sweden and Ukraine ... but as I already said there are many good songs.

What can you tell us about the countries where you will promote the song "Pe-o margine de lume" before the Semifinal in Belgrade ?

There are many things to say and we would need lot of space to talk about these countries. Every one of them has it's particular charms. I am glad that I managed to be in these countries, even if it was only for a short time, to learn a little something about the way of life of those people, to admire the cities that I have visited.

A message for the Eurovision fans ...

I wish all Eurovision fans to be as close to this contest in the future as they have been in the past, to have many achievements in their life and to have even better entries.
I wish you all love and health !

Exclusive Nico interview - website link :

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Cool, interesting and informative interview!  :goodjob1: Thanks for the effort!