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Exclusive Interview with Mihai Traistariu (Romania 2006)
« on: May 11, 2008, 11:59:59 PM »

Mihai Traistariu, the Romanian representative at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, is well known as an artist that always maintains a friendly relationship with his fans from all over Europe. Up to now and since 2006, following on from his success with "Tornero", Mihai has got record deals for 15 European countries and he is about to release a new album entitled "Love is ...".
The artist took the time to answer about his Eurovision experience and his future projects.

Eurovision fans are convinced that they will have the opportunity to see you again on the Eurovision Song Contest's stage in the near future. We are only asking ourselves when will that actually happen .... will you comeback in Selectia Nationala next year ?

I wanted to comeback in the 2008 Selection as well but I didn't have an appropriate song. I entered in the heat already and I'm preparing myself for 2009. Unfortunately for 2008 I received over 30 songs from various foreign composers ... and romanian, but none of the songs seem to me that was better than Tornero ... and then ... I decided not to enter the contest just for the sake of being present there. It's too risky. I have to be perfect when I go to Eurovision for the second time.

What should a song be like to convince you from the start that it's perfect for winning the Eurovision Song Contest ?

It should be special. Tornero was a song with an catchy refrain, in the Italian language rarely used at Eurovision and with the warbles specific to my voice. I can't praise myself for having a great show, on the contrary ... maybe I would have achieved a higher place if I would have had an OK-ish show as well. In my case the song and my voice were all that mattered. For the next time when I will try to win Eurovision I would like to have the best song in the contest, the best voice, the most interesting show etc. Everything !

Did you feel any pressure going into the contest being one of the favourites in 2006 in Greece?

Yes ! I always wished to be in the Top 5 so I could be invited to various countries afterwards and this is what happend to me. I travel all the time outside the country ... and this gives me the feeling that I am an international star.

How does an Eurovision artist feel to receive 12 points when the scores are read out ?

Well ... he feels that Romanians back home are crying ... and he cries as well. It happend to me that way!

If you had to pick a beautiful memory and a not so beautiful memory from the 2006 Eurovision, what would those memories be ?

My mother passed away 2 days after the Eurovision - Athens 2006.
The most beautiful memory of my life ever remains .. the Eurovision 2006 itself.

We know that your Eurovision performance brought you plenty of satisfaction, concerts all over Europe, various important contracts.
Have you seen the reverse of the coin ... other artists' envy ?

Not really ! I am a good fellow, I tried to maintain my modesty and common sense and not to disturb my other colleagues too much. If they felt uncomfortable because of my success ... that doesn't concern me. It's their business. I never picked on any artist in my entire career and that's what I recommend them to do !

What kind of impression did this year's National Selection leave you with? What about the events that followed, the insanity of the petitions and the allegations of plagiarism and infringement of EBU's rules at all costs ?

Well ... I'm used to it. That's a shame ! Nico and Vlad Mirita have an exceptional song and I like their voices very much. I wished for Nico to win. It was her time ... no matter the result.

Unfortunately the National Selection scandals turned into something regular in the past few years in Romania. Even you were attacked this year soon after you publicly supported the song "Pe-o margine de lume".
Is the wish to win the Eurovision Song Contest for Romania stronger than the fear of receiving a hostile treatment from the Romanian Eurovision fans, for various and often unfounded reasons ?

I don't know of anyone attacking me ..maybe you tell me about it. Still ... lets not take into account the opinion of some Biondo fan from the Eurovision forums. Those opinions do not matter. No one contradicted me in the Mass Media. Yes, I did say at one moment that I voted for Nico and ... I also voted for Biondo. I picked Nico and Vlad in the Final (NF) because their song brought tears to my eyes. About Biondo ... I didn't cry at all, although their song is equally beautiful. This was a sign for me that I had to pick " Pe-o margine de lume ".

Which one of the Romanian Eurovision songs is your favorite? Do you have a favorite Eurovision song?

Luminita with "Let me try". I kept my fingers crossed for her and I had big emotions for her.
I do not have a favorite song from the previous years. This year I like ... "Era stupendo".

Would you represent another country at Eurovision if you had the chance to ?

I would like to write a winning song for Claudia Faniello from Malta in 2009. I followed Malta's Final this year and last year ... and it always seemed to me that the results were always unfair to her. I like her voice a lot. I will personally write her a song in 2009. It's all up to her if she wants to sing it.

What can you tell us about the projects you are involved in at the moment ?

I entered into business and I'm happy. On 1st of June I will open a taxi company in Constanta, Romania. It will be called MIHAI TAXI and we will have the lowest tariff on the market. Apart from that I will release my new album, a new videoclip and I do travel a lot .... through international concerts.

A message for the Eurovision fans ...

My dearest ... I can hardly wait to comeback on the Eurovision stage. I burn of impatience.
I saw that Dima Bilan, my 2006 Eurovision colleague entered the competition for Russia. I'm very glad for him and I hope he does a good job. I, on the other hand, I want to go with a song better than the one from 2006. I believe that he went for another criterion: combination with Evgheni Plusenko ... etcetera ...
It is true that this can attract public votes .. but it is as well risky to comeback to Eurovision with a song that doesn't reach at the level of "Never let you go". But ...I tell you this ... he counts on another criteria ... not on the song. I wouldn't risk. But ... maybe for him ... the recipe works out ...
So ... Eurovision fans ... I can't wait to see you again.

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